Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Camera, New Format and a New Start

I know, I gave a huge break and I couldn't post for awhile, but I have an excuse. I bought a new camera which is 4x5 Linhof Kardan Color. It is a monorail large format camera. When I bought it, camera was in a very bad condition and I had to work on it. That is the reason of why I couldn't post. Finally I manage to get the first results. Today I want to share these.
I have 9x12 cm film holders for these camera and unfortunately I couldn't find film for these holders at my local store. For this reason I used Ilford MGIV Matt paper as negative.  I developed paper negative with Ilford Multigrade Developer (1+9). Here are the paper negatives and their digitally converted positives.

Actually I did contact print with one of these negatives but it was at the end of the session and I was exhausted. For this reason I couldn't take appropriate tests. I just took a contact print ad ended the session. 
That contact print is at below:

It was not a good print but unfortunately that is the only one. Sorry :)


  1. An intriguing method. I love trying new things as different techniques help creating different feelings and way of conveying the message. It looks like the shoulder of the paper is very short since there is little discernible tones in the highlights as opposed to dark areas (light areas in the negative).

    Does your new (to you) camera take 4x5 film holders? They are more common and can be found on the second hand market.

    Oh, congratulations on your new camera!


    1. Thanks Alpaslan
      I am not sure the about the results of the paper. Actually I need more test for saying that. It may depend on the developer. Anyway it is clear that there is a problem with highlights :)

      If I can find a decent price, I am planning to buy some 4x5 holder. I asked some shops but they offer very high prices. I am searching :)
      Hope to see you again