Monday, October 29, 2012

Autumn Gloom

Nowadays I frequently come up pensive people. I think autumn gloom is over whole city. I hate this cloudy mood. I am a spring child and I couldn't handle such a bad weather. May be I am just seeing people who are in same mood with me. May be I am exaggerating :). Life is full of "May be"s. Nevertheless, I am a sun boy.

Paper: Ilfrord Multigrade IV Fiber 1K Glossy
Paper Size: 17.8x24 cm (7x9.5in)
Image Size: 14.9x22.2 cm (5.9x8.7in)
Developer: Ilford Harman Warmtone Developer 1+9 (3 min.)
Toner: Untoned
Enlarger: Durst M800
Film: Rollei RPX 400 rated 250 135 mm


  1. I like this photo a lot, Taylan. Graphically it's beautiful...full with interesting lines and shapes. I hope you've printed a second copy for me :)

    How do you like your new M800?

    1. :) Sure I always have a second copy for you. I can also print towards to your print taste. Just state paper size, type and other things you want.

      I have complicated feelings about M800. It is sturdy and feel very comfortable. Also it has a longer column and larger base board than my Kaiser VPM 6005. Moreover it has condensers in perfect condition and very good lens. The only thing that disturbs me is its contrast filters. I have set of filter 0 to 5 with half degree increments. I couldn't fine adjustments with this lenses. For instance, I couldn't set a value between 2 and 2.5 which I can do with My Kaiser. Kaiser has a stepless gradation wheels. Also you don't need to adjust exposure times for filter gradation changing. I need to adjust it with M800 and value of increment is not constant.
      Furthermore, I think I am getting more sharper images with M800 but I am not sure the results. I didn't make test between these two enlarger. Anyway both of them are in perfect condition and I am very happy with both.

  2. You should be able to get intermediate grades even with slot-in filters, Taylan. For example, to get a grade of 2.25 simply divide the exposure into two and expose with filter 2 for half the time and filter 2.5 for the rest. By varying the exposure times between G2 and G2.5 filters you should be able to get any contrast between 2 and 2.5. Admittedly, this is slightly more inconvenient than simple dial-in filtration.

    Exposure times should remain constant until G4, after which you have to double the exposure (that's what Ilford says anyway).

    1. Thanks for the tip Omar. I should try this. Nevertheless I will prefer using Kaiser instead of this technique :) Actually there is a better way to do this but it is a little price. There is a company from Germany and they are changing your light source of enlarger with a LED light system which can be adjusted the color of the LED. You can check the system through their website:

      My filters aren't Ilford. They are no name. For this reason, It doesn't match what Ilford says.