Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Big Anxiety

I know, very very long time pasted away and I haven't post anything. I was very busy but this is not excuse for it. I just lost my faith to this blog. Anyway it is long story and I don't want to talk about this. Now I will give a chance to this blog in honor of new year. May be I can find my desire for this blog again.

Today I want to share a photo that hanged on my wall. I generally like photographs with multi-sections and there are some layers which I like in this photograph.

I can write so many words for every part in the photograph but I am only going to mention about my anxiety. I am checking one bird in the photograph every morning and evening. I have a fear that bird will escape. I am not kidding. I real have fear. Bird is located at the left top of the photograph and it is marching. Here is the bird and details of the print:

Paper: Ilfrord Multigrade Warmtone IV Fiber 1K Glossy
Paper Size: 17.8x24 cm (7x9.5in)
Image Size: 14.6x22.7 cm (5.75x8.9in)
Developer: Kodak Dektol 1+2 (2 min.)
Enlarger: Kaiser VPM 6005 Multigrade Head
Film: Rollei RPX 400@250


  1. everyone needs a break sometimes.
    great photograph and print. the marching bird is a wonderful detail:-)

  2. I do enjoy your blog a lot. Please keep posting them. I would also like to hear about some technicalities of the craft. Great work.