Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being Serious

Here is a new image taken at 2007 in Istanbul. This image belongs to a project of mine about demonstrations. Hopefully I managed to finish this project and book of the project is on the way of print. I will share it when I take the first copy.  

And here are the details of the print:

Paper: Ilfrord Multigrade IV Fiber 1K Glossy

Paper Size: 24x30.5 cm (9½x12in)
Image Size: 19.1x28.9 cm (7½x11½in)
Developer: Dektol 1+2 (2 min.)
Toner: Untoned
Film Format: 35 mm

I signed the image with a permanent silver marker as you see. There are lots of opinions about how to sign a print but as I can understand there is not a consensus on this issue. I am also confused. I couldn't make a decision and I don't have a standard. I am just signing my prints as it comes.

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