Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Print - The Yoga Girl

I want to load this image for my first blog post. I feel very relaxed whenever I look this image and details of the print are here:

Paper: Ilfrord Multigrade IV Fiber 1K Glossy
Paper Size: 24x30.5 cm (9½x12in)
Image Size: 18x27.5 cm (7¼x10¾in)
Developer: Dektol 1+2 (2 min.)
Toner: Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner
Film Format: 35 mm

This paper is one of my favorite paper. It has a delightful Dmax (maximum density of blacks) and pure whites. Moreover it has a glossy surface. Also it reacts well with the contrast filters 0 to 5 grade. In selenium toner blacks are turning a little purple blacks and they gains more details. My only complain about this paper is its thickness. I would prefer more thicker one. For more detail about paper you can click this link.


  1. Very nice print!

    Do you remember what exposure time and filter?


    1. Hi Randy
      As I remember filter was 3.5. I am using 400 ISO films at 250 and for this reason my negatives are slightly low contrast in normal contrast scenes.
      I couldn't remember the exact exposure time but I generally adjust my printing times around 40 seconds. I feel comfortable at this exposure time for burning and dogging stuff.

  2. Taylan, an issue I am having his very brief exposure times with some paper. With Ilford Matte finish I can do 40 sec if the enlarger is stopped down to f/16, but with Ilford VC glossy I can't go beyond 15 sec. How do you handle variability in paper sensitivity?

    (BTW, I have a simple Bessler enlarger.)

    Thanks! Hope you will be willing to share experience in your blog.


  3. I do noting :). I never face such a problem. I used Durst enlargers before but they never be problem, too. I can adjust the illumination of my enlarger but I never need to adjust. If I were you, I change the lamp of the enlarger with the lower power one.