Sunday, April 8, 2012

Angry Cat

This image is one of my unpublished images. It belongs to one of my project which is about graphite. Although this project was finished, I couldn't get any opportunity to exhibit. Image was taken in Istanbul, 2005. Here are the details.

Paper: Ilfrord Multigrade IV Fiber 1K Glossy
Paper Size: 24x30.5 cm (9½x12in)
Image Size: 19x29.2 cm (7½x11½ in)
Developer: Dektol 1+2 (2 min.)
Filter: 4
Toner: Untoned
Film Format: 35 mm

This photo was taken at night in a dark street. There are two copies of this print. One is hanged at the wall of a restaurant Koycegiz / Turkey. Loaded image is my copy and slightly darker than the other.
In this image I especially like the expression on the face of cat and white tones on the face.

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