Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kentmere Textured Paper

Last two weeks were too busy for me. It was started with a flood in the darkroom. We had trouble times. After that there was annual RFF EuroMeet in Istanbul and I joined the gang. I had very joyful times and met some fabulous people. Then busy working days and finally I found some spare time for uploading a print.
Today I want to upload a photo printed on a discounted paper. Paper is Kentmere F.G. Warmtone fiber paper. It has semi-matt, warmtone and textured surface. For detailed information you can take a look to the website of Kentmere
After the merger of Ilford and Kentmere, Ilford released a new paper called Art300. Unfortunately, I couldn't have any opportunity to try but on the light of writings on it I resembled its surface to the Kentmere F.G.  Warmtone. After reading a Turkish blog that resembles too, I decided upload below print.

And below there is 100% crop of the image. You can easily see the surface texture.

Details are such that:

Paper: Kentmere Finprint VC F.G. Warmtone Fiber Semi-Matt
Paper Size: 21x29.5 cm (8.3x11.6in)
Image Size: 18.5x28.5 cm (7.3x11.2in)
Developer: Dektol 1+2 (2 min.)
Toner: Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner (1+20)
Film Format: 35 mm

Ilford Art 300 is a little thicker than the Kentmere. Ilford is 300 g/m2 and Kentmere is 276 g/m2.
Actually I am not a fan of matt or semi-matt paper because of their low d-max values. But surface texture of this paper always attracts me. I wish It had a better d-max value.

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